Can We Keep It Up?

Following the restructure of the first week we seem to have been running permanently in overdrive. We’ve had such an incredibly busy two weeks that I have to give enormous credit to the students who have been open to learning new technology and integrating it into their routines. Not only have they started so well with their blogs, but they’ve also started to use Google Drive and our education department’s own Connect application which allows us to complete our work online. I also have to thank the parents who have also been so positive and open towards our new technology and have even joined in, following us on Connect. This has all been on top of our general class work which hasn’t taken a step back for a second. Whilst this pace is exhausting, it’s also very fulfilling and exciting, I only hope we can keep it up!

One thought on “Can We Keep It Up?

  1. Really enjoy being in your class Mr Hope and I really like all the Educational computer sites you have introduced us all to. So it’s been a great two weeks already.

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