Future in Good Hands

“Kids these days!” So many times I’ve heard words like these (I even remember them being said about my own generation). Even the media like to jump on the bandwagon when they need a story with a bit of shock value to sell their papers or boost their ratings. However, being a teacher I get to see the infinite positives in our youth, the positives which rarely get into the headlines. I recently posted a blogging task asking the students to think about a change they’d like to see in the world and the responses were very enlightening. They showed me that the youth of today really does understand the important issues and are prepared to take a stand to make a difference. I think the future looks pretty bright (in LA14, at least). Below is just a small sample of the responses to this latest task.

Kiara, TaylahClaire, DeaconPhoebeHannahCumorah, Maddie,

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