Blogging Task #1

Now the practice is over it’s time to get down to some serious work. We’ve been tidying our blogs, setting up posts and commenting on each others’ blogs so we should be ready to start looking further afield; in this case, further afield is Canada! I want you to take a look at Mr Ewert’s blog and scroll down to find his students. Pick one or two of the students, read their posts and leave a comment. We must remember to use all our commenting rules and skills: we must use the appropriate salutation (say Hi…); we must check that we’ve used complete, well written sentences; we must use manners and polite language; we must be positive and never criticise; we must write more than one line and relate the comment to the post. If you’re unsure, check with me first. Let’s spread our wings and start flying around the world (is that too cheesy?)!

6 thoughts on “Blogging Task #1

  1. Mr Hope, your blog post explained what we have to do very well and, yes, that was too cheesy! 😀

  2. Thank you Mr Hope for explaining what we have to do, (and I have to agree with Lola it is too cheesy).

  3. Hi Mr Hope,

    Yes, its definetly too cheesy. -_-

  4. Mr Hope ,
    It is definitely too Cheesy {not}

  5. Mr Hope,
    It is not cheesy it is a great way of getting people to believe in them self

  6. Mr Hope that’s the most cheesiest thing i’v ever heard in the world. you sound like my father if saw ever my father. : )

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