Are We There Yet?

This week is the final week, right? No, I know it isn’t, but try telling that to my aching bones, stressed out brain and the clock that seems to be running faster than Usain Bolt in a jet pack. Typically, term 4 is the worst one for us year 6 teachers with reports, transitions to high school, graduation ceremonies and lots, lots more. But this time it just feels like we’re running to stand still. Not to worry, though, it will all be okay in the end, it usually is, the stars align and the forces merge and we all come out the other side just fine. This week we find ourselves still (yes, still) knee deep in animation, up to the ears with decimal and fraction conversions, swimming against the tide of economics and sinking slowly beneath the waves of persuasive writing. Not to worry, though, we’ll just keep smiling and waving, we’ll keep calm and carry on, we’ll put our best feet forward and we’ll turn that frown upside down. I’m sure it will be fine – honestly! Here’s a few photo’s of our Book Week to brighten the day.

4 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. Dear LA14 and Mr.hope,
    Great costumes guys! Great story too. Some times it just fells like school will never end. Am I right? But then again, some times it feels like a race car being driven by a cheetah. But I have to ask, what is a Usain Bolt. Anyway, I really like your post! And I here your in Perth. I am in Ohio! That is half way across the world! You should check out website! Here is a link.

  2. Mr. Hope,

    I am a middle school computer apps teacher here in Kansas City, Ks (USA). Are your student blogs sill active? I have 6th/7th/8th graders and would like to offer your site as a way for my students to interact with blogging.

    Thanks for any information.
    Grant Huffman

  3. Hi Grant

    Yes, the blogs are still active, although we’ve been distracted a little lately so haven’t been on them as much as I’d like. However, that will be changing this week and we’ll be publishing a few new posts. Please be aware, though, that we only have 4 more productive weeks left of this year and the year 6’s are about to leave us (our year runs Feb to Dec). I’ll have a new class in February 2019 and will have new blogs up and running towards the end of that month.

    Kind regards

    Chris Hope

  4. Luke, yes, the year sometimes goes way too quickly. It’s great to think that someone in Ohio has taken the time to look at what we’re doing, thanks for your efforts. By the way, Usain Bolt is the world 100m sprint champion.

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