Here We Go Again!

As far as blogging goes, we here in Australia (along with our cousins in New Zealand) are fairly unique. Not in a particularly exciting or interesting way, just in the way our holidays fall. Due to the seasons following different patterns in the northern and southern hemispheres, the schools we tend to have the most contact with (northern hemisphere countries) have a different school year to our own. Whilst those in the northern hemisphere are into the second half of their school year, we southerners are about to begin a whole new year as our long summer break comes to a close. Of course, this means that I’ve already waved goodbye to my incredible students from 2018 and I’m about to embark on a new and exciting year with a whole new group.

I’ve promised myself (see previous post) that I’m going to make a greater effort with blogging this year and that begins right now, with my first post of 2019. As my long, lazy summer days slip gracefully into the Western Australian sunset and the dawn of a new year calls me back to work, I’ll leave this post with a photo of myself, chilling in Bali, resplendent in my Manchester United shirt, relaxing and re-energising for the hustle and bustle of the weeks to come. Indeed, here we go again!

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