Paint Storm

The title says it all! When the incredible Phil Doncon brought his Paint Storm show to school the place was totally “buzzin'” (excuse my Manchester term of phrase)! Through a mixture of art, thumping music, humour, anecdotes and dance, Phil delivered an inspiring message to the students about being resilient and trusting yourself. He also managed to create some fabulous artworks and had the students racing in relay to produce an artwork of their own. It’s always a great experience when Phil turns up, but a special thanks must go to Ms Sveinbjornsson for arranging the visit.

Amy & Dan

Phil & Charlotte

Darcy sprints

9 thoughts on “Paint Storm

  1. This is one of Liam’s favourite days of the y ear!

  2. Thank you Ms Svein for organizing this event it was a great experience.

  3. Katie, yes, it’s one of mine, too. Phil has so much energy and his show is perfect for the students.

  4. Hi Mr Hope,
    Did you have fun Mr Hope? Cause I did it was probably one of my favourite art lessons, we had we got to meet Phil a famous artist 👩‍🎨. It was so fun to do a relay and have him perform in front of us I liked how you could not tell what her painted till the end. What was your favourite part Mr Hope?

  5. Hi Mr Hope,

    Did you like the Paint Storm? I am so grateful that Ms Svein organised this, it’s one of my favourite events at school. It was so great to meet Phil Doncan. My favourite part was the relay. What was your favourite part of the Paint Storm?

  6. Ruby, it was a fabulous treat. I think my favourite part was the relay stage.

  7. H y’all! Greeting from TX I’m commenting from a middle school tech apps class. We are new to blogging, and we are commenting on other blogs. Just saying that your blog is cool, and it looks like y’all have a lot of fun! Keep it up. -Cassie

  8. Can only imagine how fun this day was! great work all involved.

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