Got Style?

Of all the things I’ve been known for, fashion has never been one of them. In fact, most of the time I’m fairly happy as long as I haven’t made a complete fool of myself. Fashion-wise, I tend to sit somewhere in the middle of the road – jeans, tee-shirt, maybe a fancy short sleeved shirt at a push, but that’s about it. What I really need is some decent advice – and I know where to get it!

Scroll down the class list on the right and you’ll see a strange name – Darmya. Two incredibly innovative and creative students in my class have chosen to follow one of their passions and start a fashion blog. Darcy and Mya (Darmya) have enthusiasm, energy and expertise and both are simply buzzing to be able to share their thoughts with everyone. If you have a question give them a shout and they’ll look into it for you. Did you know grouping your wardrobe into themes helps you create a cohesive look much easier? They did, I didn’t – maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong.

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