High Flyers

To some, especially those not from Australia, it can look a little like a mass, semi-organised brawl. To many Aussie’s, though, Australian Rules Football is the ONLY sport worth watching. Even though I’m an ex-Brit, I can still appreciate the skill, speed, strength and excitement that the average “footy” game has to offer. It’s a sport enjoyed and played by both boys and girls, and our particular boys and girls have been lucky to have the students from the local high school specialist football programme visit to share their knowledge and skills. Check out the photos below and you’ll see some spectacular “marks” being taken by the students, flying high in tackles on the high school students.

2 thoughts on “High Flyers

  1. Hey Mr Hope,
    How is this year’s year 6s going? Are they twistin’ your melon, man?! I bet they’re not as good as us!!! Those footy marks look pretty good, but netball is just as good, if not better. I hope I can come back in some other time…I might bring Lola with me.
    From Tahlia!!!

  2. Tahlia, they’re a really nice bunch this year, not quite “twistin’ my melon” yet! You’re always more than welcome to pay us a visit – see you soon!

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