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How many times have you looked at an advert with a smiling model and thought how it must be such an easy way to earn a living? I’m not saying that I have (unfortunately the old and worn-out look is yet to find it’s deserved place in fashion), but if you have then you’d be quite wrong. There’s so much more to it than simply turning up, smiling and having a snap taken. The same is true for acrobatics, although I’d be surprised if anyone has ever thought that would be easy! Two of the students in LA14, Ruby and Yasmin, are experts in these fields; Ruby is a competition gymnast and Yasmin is actually a real live model. So, if you’d like to find out more about these amazing girls, pop over to their new site at YouRownstyle.

One thought on “In The Spotlight

  1. Dear Mr Hope,
    Thank you very much for doing a post about our new blog, we really appreciate it.
    Sincerely from,
    Yasmin & Ruby

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