It finally happened, I actually ran out of energy. Well, not really, I just decided to take some extra holiday time and visit my mum and father-in-law in the UK. They aren’t as young as they used to be so it’s important to keep contact as much as possible. Anyway, rather than waffle on too much, I’ll just leave a couple of photos of life here in sunny Manchester (I hope they turn out okay as this is from my iPhone).

Manchester Bee

Great Mates

Cute Canal

6 thoughts on “Holiday!

  1. Looking very English Mr Hope.
    A well deserved break!

  2. Dear Mr Hope,
    It sounds like your having a great time, enjoy!
    Sincerely from Yasmin 🙂

  3. Dear Mr Hope
    I hope your having a great holiday and have fun!
    P. S John Mcginn might be going to Manchester United. He is an ex hibs player

  4. Dear Mr Hope,
    It looks like you are having a great time! I just got to England today! 😊
    Sincerely from,

  5. Thanks, Sue. Yes, the break was much needed, I just wish it was longer. I hope you’re well and enjoying life. Much the same here!

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