Don’t Tell The Cops!

There must be a law against this; we’ve packed so much amazing stuff into the first two weeks of this term that I’m sure we could get arrested for speeding! Considering that the first week was only four days makes it even more incredible. Our Meccano activities got the green light and and are travelling along well. We’re learning to follow step by step instructions, solve problems, work with new partners, use verbal cooperation skills and make moving models. Meccano is a great introduction into robotics and the sequenced language of coding. We’ve changed our collaboration skills up a gear as we simultaneously try to develop our comprehension skills through our “Wringer” novel study. Our writing has also accelerated away as narrative skills have been boosted through our small group discussions and crafting sessions. Maths has seen us charge head on into equivalent fractions, BIMDAS (ask your child) and the area of triangles. We’ve even managed a trip to the Western Australian Parliament where we learnt about the Westminster system, the three levels of government and tried our hands at voting in an election. This supercharged classroom doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon, I just hope we can avoid the speed cameras!

Group Work

Iman and Owen

WA Parliament

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