“On your marks…”

Ask the students and they’ll tell you, the faction carnival is one of the best days of the year – and who am I to disagree? This incredibly exciting day, organised by our awesome sports specialist, Mr. Jones, is always a great day and one we celebrate together as a whole school. This was the last ever faction carnival for the students in LA14 as, being in year 6, they’ll be moving on at the end of the year. The day takes a lot of organising and all the staff take part with specific roles throughout the day. However, it couldn’t run at all without our fabulous faction captains helping to run it. The girls were truly amazing (as usual), and some who weren’t faction captains took it upon themselves to also help out and organise the younger students – it was genuinely great to see. We really do have some outstanding young ladies who consistently leave us feeling proud and lucky.

This year it was the red faction who took out the honours, but the photo’s below are of Olivia, the captain of the yellow faction (with thanks to Olivia’s mum for the images).


Champion Girl

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