Blogging Task #5

This year we’ve covered so much in English and learnt to develop and control our writing in many ways. This task has been created in order to allow you to show the world what you can do.

Imagine a student (boy or girl) first enters a classroom, finds a seat and sits down. What would they see? What would they hear? How would they feel? Using all your skills of descriptive writing, create an opening for a story that explains the setting and the character. You must use third person and “show” as much about the character as you can. Think about what type of person they are and ask yourself questions about the character as this will help you create him or her. Do they like school? Do they have friends? What does the classroom look like? Remember all the texts we’ve studied, from Charlotte’s Web right through to Fish in a Tree. Create an atmosphere in the class (sights, sounds…). Create a mood and personality in the character through actions, feelings and thoughts. Complete a draft first in your English book.

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