Back in the Swing

Teaching can be a funny old game. I’ve had many jobs in my life, including some very dirty, physical and labour intensive ones, but nothing has ever come close to teaching in regards of exhaustion, stress, high workload and commitment as being a teacher. So by rights my return to the classroom after an incredible seven week holiday to the UK and Europe should have been as much fun as swimming through croc infested waters wearing boardshorts made of raw steak. Strangely, however, I’ve had an absolutely fabulous week.

Apart from trying to catch up with the students and what they’ve been doing in order to get ourselves all on the same page so we can move forward with what we need to do, the week has been as busy as usual. We’ve learned about the order of operations in Maths; we’ve discussed our understanding of how narratives are constructed; we’ve refined our understanding of how we read and comprehend novels; and we’ve completed our trials for the up-and-coming faction carnival. Talk about busy! In fact, we’ve been so busy and hectic it almost seems like I’ve never been away!

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