Art and Life

How dull would our lives be without art? I’m amazed that I still hear statements which question why we “waste” time on arty subjects rather than teaching the “important” topics such as English and maths. Despite so much research that backs up the importance of art and how it creates critical thinking and compliments our thinking across ALL the subjects, it is all to often dismissed by people convinced of their own ideas. Think about it, though, in our everyday lives we rely on the arts to provide the quality in our existence, the pleasure, the relaxation and the excitement that only art can provide. We love new, nice and well designed environments; we go wild at our favourite concerts; we relax and discuss the newest TV shows and movies; we desire to own the most attractive cars and motorcycles. These things (and many more) become way more important to our everyday existence than the more “serious” aspects of our life – if we had no art life would be grey, drab, empty and almost unbearable. So, enjoy the artworks below which were made by some of our students as they learnt new skills with layers and digital creativity.




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