Don’t Panic!

Well, everything seems to be rolling along just as smoothly as it usually does each year – way too fast with not enough hours in the day! Exactly the same as usual, although we seem to have reached this point unusually early. However, as we’re used to rolling casually along at lightspeed I’m sure we’ll cope just fine. It’s already the end of week six and the students have been busy working their fingers to the bone with their little noses pushed hard to the grindstone. The’ve started to develop their writing skills and have written some imaginative introductions, extending their descritions while limiting their settings and characters. They’ve learnt about square numbers, square roots, the order of operations and have started a data research activity. Amazingly, in the middle of our frenzied first few weeks, we’ve squeezed in a cricket tornament against other schools in our district. All in all, term one is flying, but don’t panic, we’re managing to hang on securely by our finger nails and I’m sure we’ll make it to the end just fine.

One thought on “Don’t Panic!

  1. Hello Mr Hope!
    It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at your blog. But here I am! I hope you’re having an interesting time, with your new bunch of humans, monkeys or whatever, hopefully better than our lot last year which probably gave you a few grey hairs. That sounds exactly like last year, my brain did hurt a bit then but yes, somehow by a little bit of who knows what we hang on until the end (of the term I mean).
    High school is like umm three words: homework, stuff overload and quite a bit of brain exploding with like a teeny bit of fun I guess? Well that was more like 20 words? Anyways, I hope to hear from you soon 😀
    Elaine hehe

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