Hello Term 2

After a very much needed break, term 2 is up and running, and we’re already deep into our new activities and projects. One of the first activities we started was one that we began last term. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a super secret project that will finally be revealed on Sunday – Mothers’ Day in Australia. The secret projects are coming along extremely well, and the students have proven that they have the care and patience to produce a very delicate result. Another project which we’ve started and which is creating a few headaches (mostly for me) is our Maths Area Project. This is something I like to do with my students each year as it gives them a way to use their learnt skills in a real world setting and challenges them to produce a complex and thorough product. In effect, nothing much has changed except the number after the word “term”, the students are still working their little fingers to the bone with their tiny noses pressed hard to the grindstone – just how they like it.

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  1. Yes top secret for now. 👍👍👍

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